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Hi guys,hop yo guys keeping fine. these days i was busy with our ITA( Intrnet Technology & Applications) project.we are making new website for online Car selling called “One Stop Street Racing”.even we got 1st year Final exam on another two weeks time.

talking about new LINUX news, i’ve found new Kubuntu which have KDE 3.5 desktop.it’s based on Ubuntu Hardyherren.u guys too check it out.our Linux masters have done a FOSS workshop @ SLIIT recently for school children, aparently it was successful as we are aware of the comments came from schools.

u guys can look @special SLIIT IT events by simply login to www.sliit.lk .be aware.

i should really thank you guys for been wit me all this time helping me.Takcare

have a nice weekend guys!!!


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  1. October 22, 2009 at 12:01 pm

    Secondly, in any other discussion, you guys talk about government healthcare as being a nightmare. ,

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