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The Conventional Truth……………………..

Do you ever thought that we gonna leave this world one day? This laughter, celebrations, sufferings will come to an end one day? We don’t know when it’ll be, today, tomorrow, next month? That can happen at anytime, whenever, where ever we are.

No one can change the fate, our destiny. Did you watch the movie “Premonition”? Even the lady saw the future that her husband will die, she couldn’t save him.

Nothing is permanent in this world, whatever we got with us, who ever we are meant to be, we all gonna face that unconditional truth of the world. How much we earned, how much we get promoted we all gonna lay down under a grave one day. We not gonna take any single coin or note ($) with us when we leave.

All we take is what we’ve done in our life time. The good and bad deeds we performed. The way we live is what really matters. It’s not where or how long we live.

We do all the cravings and bullshit just for this small life time, but what we really gained? HAPPINESS?

Do we really satisfy about what we got now? HELL NO!!!

But do you think even if we get 10 or more times wealthy than present we’ll be satisfied? Again NO.

Just because we crave for things and we crave for life.

Why should we crave for all things if we gonna die one day? If we gonna leave them one day? No one is immortal in this world. We all leading a meaning less journey. The best way to lead a meaning full life is to help people when ever we can without pulling their legs when they trying to climb the ladder of life.

That’s how we can gain true happiness, leading honest and simple life.

Help the people who really need your help. At least you can save innocent lives of animals.

Love the environment. It’ll protect you.

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