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Why you should use LINUX over WINDOWS?

Let me explain you from few points.



most Linux distros can be downloaded free on line or can be get to your doorstep delivered free.

We all know the fact that Windows Operating Systems should be purchased, which is high cost and not affordable specially for the people in developing countries. Even though still we can use pirated versions, thats illegal.

And why should we do illegal things since we can do same works legally?

Microsoft Windows has released several products.

the whole new one is Windows 7.


let me list some of free Linux destros you can download online


Linux Mint



Mandriva Linux

Linux Puppy –

http://www.puppylinux.com/ or




besides you can get Ubuntu to your door step FREE…




I am using Linux for more than 2 years now. Before that I used Windows. Why should I lie you? Yes I was a Windows User and And still using since our Uni using Windows softwares for assignments.(i am using a dual boot system) But I feel that Linux is great and smooth than Windows, since I can do everything I used to do in Windows in Linux so fast using FREE softwares. I admit for a new user it takes some time to get used to FOSS(Free And Open Source Software). But this is the era of communication and Technology. The world has become a one ICT village through globalization. There are thousands of sources you can learn to use free software.




As I experienced my Linux kernel boot much faster than the Windows does.

Really am I kidding??

check this-


if u still cant believe me try install Linux to your machine.

Even it didn’t take much time to me to install Linux like the Windows did.

Linux Kernel




yes I really gotta say this, than the early Ubuntu distros the new releases works really good.

MS Windows release many bug patches to their OS continuously and try to get it more stable, instead it slows down the system because of heavy load.

check this,





yes even small child can start using Linux.


may be you can argue that it’s hard and complex to use Linux OS and FOSS.

Actually we cant learn swimming without jumping to the pool.

So I did jump.

And now I can swim in the world of FOSS like a free fish…..




Actually we can’t guarantee that Linux is Completely Virus free.

But if compared to Windows HELL YES….

since I don’t use virus guards to my Linux OS as I do in Windows, I still run Linux without any crash or hacking..

It’s obvious that the viruses run in windows don’t run in Linux platform.

Check this out..this may help you to clarify….





You might say that windows is the most beautiful, eye candy OS in the world,

well I don’t agree. Since you can modify your Linux OS as you wish without no cost.

And I prefer my Linux OS appearance more than windows(i use Linux Mint- one of most enchanting Linux distros ).

since you cant modify your Windows, you cant customize your appearance as you wish.

But in Linux you can modify the kernel and redistribute even in any name you wish under GNU GPL.


and yes there are so many reasons why YOU should choose LINUX over Windows…

simple.. It Rocks…..



use GNU Linux

use Firefox

use FOSS

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  1. Student
    November 11, 2009 at 3:23 am

    Penguin Lovers have become a cult like, “Hells Angels” bad bikers. I have to stay anonymous, to save myself from death threats.

    Just give me a straight answer, Why do you think the rest of the world is still stick with Windows and why does Windows still have 70% of market share?

    Just denying the facts bluntly, or defending based on blind faith, wont make any difference.

    • bime
      November 20, 2009 at 7:45 am

      Student, the reason why 70% of the world sticks with windows is because they have completely no idea that linux even exists, hence they cannot use it. Besides, windows comes on the computer you purchase making it difficult not to use windows. Hence, they dont stick with windows out of free will but because they have no choice. They also do not know about the existence of linux. And seriously, stop sounding so smug and arrogant, asshole

  2. November 11, 2009 at 5:19 am

    well Student, you don’t wont to be anonymous,cause we have more stuff to do than searching others shit.well that doesn’t matter. it’s up to you.
    It’s all your decision weather you choose Linux or not.

    I gave you the facts why you should choose according to ma view.
    And you can’t guarantee that there are 70% Windows users since there are no way to track FOSS and Linux users since there are no shitty registration thing as Windows.
    cause it’s FREE..

    It’s your choice Student. if you wanna pay and use the stuff while we use it FREE,
    no concern. be my guest 😛

    check this out…

  3. July 20, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    Windows 7 Sins

    1. Poisoning education: Today, most children whose education involves computers are being taught to use one company’s product: Microsoft’s. Microsoft spends large sums on lobbyists and marketing to corrupt educational departments. An education using the power of computers should be a means to freedom and empowerment, not an avenue for one corporation to instill its monopoly.

    2. Invading privacy: Microsoft uses software with backward names like Windows Genuine Advantage to inspect the contents of users’ hard drives. The licensing agreement users are required to accept before using Windows warns that Microsoft claims the right to do this without warning.

    3. Monopoly behavior: Nearly every computer purchased has Windows pre-installed — but not by choice. Microsoft dictates requirements to hardware vendors, who will not offer PCs without Windows installed on them, despite many people asking for them. Even computers available with other operating systems like GNU/Linux pre-installed often had Windows on them first.

    4. Lock-in: Microsoft regularly attempts to force updates on its users, by removing support for older versions of Windows and Office, and by inflating hardware requirements. For many people, this means having to throw away working computers just because they don’t meet the unnecessary requirements for the new Windows versions.

    5. Abusing standards: Microsoft has attempted to block free standardization of document formats, because standards like OpenDocument Format would threaten the control they have now over users via proprietary Word formats. They have engaged in underhanded behavior, including bribing officials, in an attempt to stop such efforts.

    6. Enforcing Digital Restrictions Management (DRM): With Windows Media Player, Microsoft works in collusion with the big media companies to build restrictions on copying and playing media into their operating system. For example, at the request of NBC, Microsoft was able to prevent Windows users from recording television shows that they have the legal right to record.

    7. Threatening user security: Windows has a long history of security vulnerabilities, enabling the spread of viruses and allowing remote users to take over people’s computers for use in spam-sending botnets. Because the software is secret, all users are dependent on Microsoft to fix these problems — but Microsoft has its own security interests at heart, not those of its users.

  4. July 21, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    Nicely said bro. 100% true. 🙂

  5. Jaime
    July 23, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    I have two comments:
    1) The 70% allegation reminds me of when 100% of the people thought the Earth was flat. So much for statistics, thank you.
    2) You may believe Microsoft (MS) is into computers, and you are right. But I think that Microsoft’s story began with a marketing scheme when Bill Gates sold the DOS license rights to IBM. Then MS buys windows from XEROX and sells the new OS license to those 70% of PC owners. This is what MS does. Buys cheap and sells for a profit.

    • July 23, 2010 at 2:59 pm

      “This is what MS does. Buys cheap and sells for a profit.” – well said 🙂

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