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the bond


It’s strange the way it is,

Hoping for things happen the way we want,

This will never happen,

Though we wish it to be.

Starting with the promises,

I’ll be there forever…bullshit.

Knowing that the life is impermanent,

That we should run when the time comes.

Status “I am in a relationship”,

Then “It is complicated.”

Most end up with “I am single”,

That’s the truth which hurts.

We crave for things we like,

Want someone the way we like,

Whom we could never find,

Still we search…………….

Plot – There’s nothing in the world as the way you like. Bonds are not worth dying for. You’ll start searching soon enough…for something the way you like.

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Unchain me……..

September 4, 2011 2 comments




Do you like to be chained? To be deprived of walking or doing what you like? To be imprisoned in a cage?

None of us like to be chained. We all like to be free. To keep our hands and legs free so that we can move them. It’s really sad that some people don’t understand that animals too like that.  They think that animals are feeling less objects or perhaps they might like to torture them and make fun, without knowing the fact that they will undergo the same pain in the not so long future.

I believe if that animal is untamed or extremely dangerous unchained then it should be chained if only we need to keep it under humans, if not we should let them be free on their own place, free in the jungle.

Have you ever seen a face of a dog when it’s chained? Urging for freedom, pleading mercy….

I thought of writing about this because that I can’t unchain my own dog. My parents want it chained though it’s a cross breed of Pomeranian, which is a very friendly and lovable breed. They love to be with people, lie beside their master’s couch or bed. They are not like hounds, not much big and wild. I really soooo want him unchained, but I am helpless. I can’t go against my parents. Even they don’t want to give it away to someone who really loves the dog.

You might think I am crazy or a retard asking for dog’s rights. Yeah that’s me. I can’t stand for the cruelty to the animals. If you have a dog and if it’s tamed and not dangerous then leave it free. Give it the freedom. At least give it some enough space to live, without buying a small cage. If you don’t have space at your home, walk it to the street or town. Be with it and love it.  When I am with my dog I forget all the troubles I have. Though they can’t talk they still listen to us for what we have to say.

Make your dog your best friend; you won’t regret it……



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Ever seen a new born baby green woodpecker?

June 10, 2010 6 comments
baby green woodpecker

baby green woodpecker

You might have a doubt whether this is a green woodpecker. Yes it really is. I remember a cartoon I used to watch in my small days, when I saw this bird. Hope you guys know it. The “woody woodpecker”.  I have posted few photos of green woodpecker building its home recently on Flickr.

Few days ago I heard a bird scream inside that cage. So I thought of checking what’s going on there. I just climb up the tree to see this cuddly baby woody.

Since the mother/father woodpecker was really upset of my sudden approach it flew away. But I saw it watching me from near by tree. So I thought of not watching the baby bird again. I was curious to see the baby bird. Mother or Father Woodpecker always stays in the cage with the baby. They both never leave the baby alone, since they have threat from random snakes.

I saw a snake trying to climb the tree one day. Mother/father woodpecker was staring at the snake all the time keeping its head out of the cage. There is a lot to learn from these birds, since some human mothers left their children on street right after giving them birth.

And this is a great example of mothers love, whether it’s human or inhuman.

I was thinking what the hell that mother/father woodpecker was doing all day long inside that small room with the baby. Then I realized that’s the protection and love towards the baby which keeps it home. Nature is simply amazing. We have hell of things to learn from these creatures of the nature.

I wish this kind of thing would never happen to my baby woodpecker.

Love your environment. It’ll love you back….. 🙂

baby woodpecker sleeping...

baby woodpecker sleeping....

***The real name of this bird is “Brown Headed Barbet”. Not green woodpecker. Thanks to Barbet who correct me 🙂

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She left me………

December 16, 2009 2 comments

my doggie, Whity was with me for 5 years. A female from a pomeranian breed, was a sensitive, playful, cute doggie.

That breed usually adopted close to people. Lived along with the people in their living rooms. But my Whity’d to live in a cage instead. Because my dad doesn’t like dogs inside home.

So she was bit worried about that, always making noises to get our attention. Indeed I showed my love and affection towards her. And she received love from my family too.

But now she has gone away. She left us all and slept forever. She has been sick for several days. Even I couldn’t take care of her since me too had been hospitalized due to fever.

I still remember she keep her nose out from cage within metal mesh, and wagging her tail when ever she see me. Keeping her ears low and cuddling like a little snow bubble. Ohh god…….

how can I survive with these sweet memories? When ever I remind her it brings tears to my eyes and drop through my chin without even knowing.

I got some of her sweet memories captured. So I thought of sharing those with my readers.

It’s not that I need to fill my blog with dog photos. It’s just for my readers who love dogs and sad for my Whitys’ departure.

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Warrior and a father……..

November 18, 2009 3 comments


Don David Dahanayake (1916 February 22 – 1995 October 21)

This is my Grand Father.

A great warrior in second World War.

You might doubt why I am posting about my own Grand pa. Thinking that I am the best grand child ever… hell no.

It’s because of the fact that he was not just a Grand pa. He was a great man. Great dad and a great warrior.


Unfortunately I couldn’t be with him long, cause that great warrior left the world in 1995. when I was a child.

As my mom and my uncles/aunts(his other children) he was quite a strict for them, very calm .

And unfortunately there’s no much photographs of him in war except the above, which is sent by his friend in war field. And that also damaged lot (I really don’t know the reason. Might be cause of bad care or cause of the age of the photograph.)

There was a note written in back side of the photograph, copying it as it is,

“ from a man in the desert.”

as my Grand ma reveals he was served in Italy.

He was a great dad according to my uncles, they unwrap me some of their sweet memories which you might like to hear. So I am gonna tell you those….. 😀


one day all of them(my mom, uncles and aunts) set fire to a barren paddy field (which is owned by another person) which is meant to be done because of their age and mischievousness.

And when that person came to complain that for my Grand pa he didn’t blame or hit them for doing that, instead he just paid the paddy owner and close the case. Because he knew it was the mischievousness cause to the case nor the wrath or cruelty.


And in one day they all planned cutting school and in the same evening he got to knew that and had hit them all, thats because he needed them to study well. As my uncles convey that the all punishments they had set unforgettable experience and advice towards their carrier.


And a another one.

Once my uncles had been gone to fishing in the lake in-front their home and get caught to Grand pa.

And he had hit them from the cane they used to fishing until the cane brake into pieces. You might insist that hitting children like that is cruel an inhuman. Well I’ve no idea on that. But as my Uncles say that they never went fishing again and that set good experience to them and they are still proud of my grand pa and me too, since I get my loving parents thanks to him and they are doing great because of the great advices he set on them.


Well I wanna say that he’s a great father and warrior and miss him lot in my life.

R.I.P Grand pa. I love you lot…


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The intimate friend……

November 15, 2009 1 comment



Yes. You are correct. This is my Dogiee. Called Whity. She’s 5 years old now.

When it comes to dogs, yes I am a dog lover. I love dogs. But not much cats.

Dog is really an intelligent animal who can understand us when it lives with us for long time.

It can identify its master/owner and respect the person who feeding it.

Best thing in dogs is if you feed them  once they can remember and recognize you forever in their lifetime, not like some humans who forget who we are and what we did for them.

When ever we come close to them and show love they respect and show their love towards us by wagging their tails and lowering their ears. It touches my heart when they doing it.

No doubt that it does for all of us.

They will be with us in all our ups and downs, not like some people who leave us when we fell down, when we make mistakes. They’ll follow us where ever we go like our shadow wagging their tail.

They can be trained to do various things.


Some of them can talk

Some can be used for investigations


Well I found dogs so intelligent , cute and lovely.

The best friend of human beings since the ancient days.

So treat your dog better. Don’t try to hit them from hands or sticks, it might make them very angry , rude and dangerous even towards its master.

At least they wag their tail when they see me. Because they can remember that I helped them and showed love. It always make me feel better and make me happy staying with them when I am in depression and when I am worried, watching they play, the way they look at me.



What if they could speak??

I know one thing, that they will always be with me what ever happens.

Love your dog. It’s your true friend. No body is…..


If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, it will not bite you. This is the difference between a dog and a man “Mark Twain”










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Not for your stomach…..for your heart!!!!! Don’t eat a mother who feed the whole world.

June 11, 2009 3 comments

Tel me frankly, what exactly you feel when you see a female cow feeding her calf in the early morning?

Do you feel like killing her and eat her breast? But there are people on this earth who doing that. The milk which come from her breast is her blood turned to milk because of her tenderly love towards her calves. This is what exactly our mothers do when we born. Did you ever felt like killing her and eating her breast? I am not quite sure that it won’t happen in near future under this sun.

What do we expect by eating the meat of that innocent animal that eats grass? Is that the more strength you need? Feel you’ll be healthier cutting breast of a feeding mother? And let her calves deprived of milk that you drank hanging on your mothers breast when you small?

Guys, mental strength is more powerful than physical strength. Presently most of the people are physically fit, but not mentally.

Did you ever tried to look at the eyes of a cow when it’s going to be killed? Pleading mercy from us? It’s so pathetic guys.

We grab her milk which is pumped for her calves and then we kill her for meat.

How can we show such cruelty to a feeding mom?

Think awhile guys!!!!

Why should we eat the meat of that innocent animal that never harms us????