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A return from Death…….

December 14, 2009 2 comments

yes I caught with dengue for last week and I was in hospital for 5 days. Which is a strange week in my life, Lot of ups and downs in a row.

Well, this is not the 1st time I felt that “the life is not a bed of roses”, though it’s been awhile since I felt that before.

I got the news that I passed my semester final exam when I am in hospital. This was the 1st time I’ve been hospitalized. So it was a quite hard experience. Well I thought this might be my final destination, as I mentioned about it in my last post. But it’s not, for my goodness.

Anyway I feel that I returned from death, since Dengue is a deathly viral fever. But fortunately I was found in the early stage of the fever and I didn’t got any dangerous symptoms.

Thanks to the hospital staff and my parents, relations great care I recovered so fast.

After all it was a so close. And I am happy that I am back with my loved ones. And that I can serve the world some more time.

Thanks to all the fellows who wished me through twitter, facebook and who came to see me all the way to my home.


Dengue Strikes Again!!!!!

June 17, 2009 1 comment

Dengue (dengue hemorrhagic fever -DHF) is a severe disease caused by mosquitoes. Also called as breakbone fever. Srilankan people suffered from this disease all this years.

So many people lost their lives by this killer disease. But this time the virus has been more severe than the past years. According to calculations more than 7000 people is infected and more than 120 people dead during this year 2009. This is a huge growth of the percentage of deaths, compared to past years. The virus may have improved genetically through past years.

This is a critical situation guys. What we can do to prevent dengue? All we can do is to keep our environment clean. Discard the garbage in correct way. Clean the places where the water is stored and monitor them weekly.

Why we can’t place a king-coconut shell in correct way after drinking it? Then rain water won’t fill there and prevent mosquito birth, where we all can live a healthy life.

Guys we never want to loose the people we love and our lives either. So keep the environment clean. Love the environment, it’ll protect you forever.

Beware of mosquitoes!!!!!

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