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February 16, 2009 3 comments


Guys, let me talk about the most beautiful feeling on this earth, which any one can feel at any time with anyone without boundaries. The utmost sensational feeling gifted to the world by gods.
Love is charming, love is awesome, love is amazing, love is painful and love is everything.
Sorry that my terminology is inadequate to extract the four letter word LOVE.
Does true love exist in this world?
No one knows, only the people in love can inquire from their hearts weather they are honest.

Guys, really we can’t gain love without giving love, sacrifice for love.
Love is all about understanding each others feelings, respecting each other instead of disgracing or searching for each others mistakes.
Love is not a bed of roses all the time, love has ups & downs, it’s the conventional truth.

If we need to succeed in love life we should understand that love is not all about finding the right person, it’s learning to love the person we found.
Most of the people fail to understand the difference between love & lust, and they messed up their lives.
Love always gives meaning to life.
Love is not to suffer; it’s to live the life.

Most of the people chasing for things beyond their arms and suffer when they could easily find diamond in front of their feet.
Love doesn’t depend on people or their color of skin. It depends on their feelings, their attitudes.
Love is all around us, so feel it.
Love is divine when you want it to be, love depends on integrity.

Lovers , respect your love and understand them. We all make mistakes.

People, who not fell in love, feel love, experience it.

Enjoy your love life. Take care.


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