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Warrior and a father……..

November 18, 2009 3 comments


Don David Dahanayake (1916 February 22 – 1995 October 21)

This is my Grand Father.

A great warrior in second World War.

You might doubt why I am posting about my own Grand pa. Thinking that I am the best grand child ever… hell no.

It’s because of the fact that he was not just a Grand pa. He was a great man. Great dad and a great warrior.


Unfortunately I couldn’t be with him long, cause that great warrior left the world in 1995. when I was a child.

As my mom and my uncles/aunts(his other children) he was quite a strict for them, very calm .

And unfortunately there’s no much photographs of him in war except the above, which is sent by his friend in war field. And that also damaged lot (I really don’t know the reason. Might be cause of bad care or cause of the age of the photograph.)

There was a note written in back side of the photograph, copying it as it is,

“ from a man in the desert.”

as my Grand ma reveals he was served in Italy.

He was a great dad according to my uncles, they unwrap me some of their sweet memories which you might like to hear. So I am gonna tell you those….. 😀


one day all of them(my mom, uncles and aunts) set fire to a barren paddy field (which is owned by another person) which is meant to be done because of their age and mischievousness.

And when that person came to complain that for my Grand pa he didn’t blame or hit them for doing that, instead he just paid the paddy owner and close the case. Because he knew it was the mischievousness cause to the case nor the wrath or cruelty.


And in one day they all planned cutting school and in the same evening he got to knew that and had hit them all, thats because he needed them to study well. As my uncles convey that the all punishments they had set unforgettable experience and advice towards their carrier.


And a another one.

Once my uncles had been gone to fishing in the lake in-front their home and get caught to Grand pa.

And he had hit them from the cane they used to fishing until the cane brake into pieces. You might insist that hitting children like that is cruel an inhuman. Well I’ve no idea on that. But as my Uncles say that they never went fishing again and that set good experience to them and they are still proud of my grand pa and me too, since I get my loving parents thanks to him and they are doing great because of the great advices he set on them.


Well I wanna say that he’s a great father and warrior and miss him lot in my life.

R.I.P Grand pa. I love you lot…


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