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Not for your stomach…..for your heart!!!!! Don’t eat a mother who feed the whole world.

June 11, 2009 3 comments

Tel me frankly, what exactly you feel when you see a female cow feeding her calf in the early morning?

Do you feel like killing her and eat her breast? But there are people on this earth who doing that. The milk which come from her breast is her blood turned to milk because of her tenderly love towards her calves. This is what exactly our mothers do when we born. Did you ever felt like killing her and eating her breast? I am not quite sure that it won’t happen in near future under this sun.

What do we expect by eating the meat of that innocent animal that eats grass? Is that the more strength you need? Feel you’ll be healthier cutting breast of a feeding mother? And let her calves deprived of milk that you drank hanging on your mothers breast when you small?

Guys, mental strength is more powerful than physical strength. Presently most of the people are physically fit, but not mentally.

Did you ever tried to look at the eyes of a cow when it’s going to be killed? Pleading mercy from us? It’s so pathetic guys.

We grab her milk which is pumped for her calves and then we kill her for meat.

How can we show such cruelty to a feeding mom?

Think awhile guys!!!!

Why should we eat the meat of that innocent animal that never harms us????