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At last!!!

November 30, 2010 2 comments


Yes, at last I have completed my uni life, under-grad studies. Three years passed without knowing, time flies. Had nice time with new friends in new place, it was terrific. Gained lot of knowledge, experience and joy during this time. Gone through tough time doing assignments, projects with my batch mates. We shared win,loose,joy and sorrow together. Had many ups & downs, mis-understandings when working together. After all we are humans, they do make mistakes. None is perfect.


My life changed by the time, learned many things from friends. Best thing happened is getting to know Linux and starting to fell in love with it. Thank goes to my geek friends chanux and seejay. We did many great things to promote FOSS at uni and out side, feel really proud for those achievements and memories, those memories will never fade away.


Also I met a great friend, Nisal who guided me to light when I was wandering in dark. He showed me the truth, well it’s kinda long story which I am gonna crack you later. By the way my last post is related to that truth I found. 🙂


I have to admit that the uni is the place that get me into people, I couldn’t meet many people, friends at my school time. Here I met many friends came around the island with great blend of talents and skills. It was really tough, exams, presentations and all that, but I have to admit that I never quit entertainment (like watching movies. 😉 ). Any how managed to do it as well.


Well telling about something bad happened through this years is that I get addicted to FB. 😛 It doesn’t mean that been social media addict is that bad, but the FB? Damn, I am thinking how to deactivate it all the time, but I have no better option to keep in touch with my friends. Just watched “The social Network”. 😀 So thought of mentioning that here. But I am kinda in love with twitter.


Gotta tell you folks, who are willing to enter into uni, no matter what your field is you gotta give your best shot. But never loose your life, I mean you live as a human, without been an asshole running to be the first. Hope you got it. Help others to step ahead as best as you could, so you can put your step ahead. I used to encourage myself to catch up with daily work in my school days, never happened. Did same thing at uni, doing nothing in the beginning and studying the ass off when the exams get close. It’s quite fun though. 🙂


Gosh 3 years gone…and its all over. I made it at last, becoming a graduate. What’s next? That’s the question running in my mind these days…a job may be? Feel like I just stepped into real life and now start living…

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Why you should use LINUX over WINDOWS?

November 10, 2009 7 comments

Let me explain you from few points.



most Linux distros can be downloaded free on line or can be get to your doorstep delivered free.

We all know the fact that Windows Operating Systems should be purchased, which is high cost and not affordable specially for the people in developing countries. Even though still we can use pirated versions, thats illegal.

And why should we do illegal things since we can do same works legally?

Microsoft Windows has released several products.

the whole new one is Windows 7.


let me list some of free Linux destros you can download online


Linux Mint



Mandriva Linux

Linux Puppy – or



besides you can get Ubuntu to your door step FREE…




I am using Linux for more than 2 years now. Before that I used Windows. Why should I lie you? Yes I was a Windows User and And still using since our Uni using Windows softwares for assignments.(i am using a dual boot system) But I feel that Linux is great and smooth than Windows, since I can do everything I used to do in Windows in Linux so fast using FREE softwares. I admit for a new user it takes some time to get used to FOSS(Free And Open Source Software). But this is the era of communication and Technology. The world has become a one ICT village through globalization. There are thousands of sources you can learn to use free software.




As I experienced my Linux kernel boot much faster than the Windows does.

Really am I kidding??

check this-

if u still cant believe me try install Linux to your machine.

Even it didn’t take much time to me to install Linux like the Windows did.

Linux Kernel




yes I really gotta say this, than the early Ubuntu distros the new releases works really good.

MS Windows release many bug patches to their OS continuously and try to get it more stable, instead it slows down the system because of heavy load.

check this,




yes even small child can start using Linux.

may be you can argue that it’s hard and complex to use Linux OS and FOSS.

Actually we cant learn swimming without jumping to the pool.

So I did jump.

And now I can swim in the world of FOSS like a free fish…..




Actually we can’t guarantee that Linux is Completely Virus free.

But if compared to Windows HELL YES….

since I don’t use virus guards to my Linux OS as I do in Windows, I still run Linux without any crash or hacking..

It’s obvious that the viruses run in windows don’t run in Linux platform.

Check this out..this may help you to clarify….




You might say that windows is the most beautiful, eye candy OS in the world,

well I don’t agree. Since you can modify your Linux OS as you wish without no cost.

And I prefer my Linux OS appearance more than windows(i use Linux Mint- one of most enchanting Linux distros ).

since you cant modify your Windows, you cant customize your appearance as you wish.

But in Linux you can modify the kernel and redistribute even in any name you wish under GNU GPL.


and yes there are so many reasons why YOU should choose LINUX over Windows…

simple.. It Rocks…..



use GNU Linux

use Firefox

use FOSS

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puppy linux


Here I am gonna tell you about cool stuff.

Guess what? I boot my OS from my pen drive. The whole Operating system is around 100MB in memory. It consists of every kind of applications, drivers and soft wares we need. It’s an awesome tiny work. It’s called PUPPY LINUX. here’s a screen shots of my puppy desktop, so that you can get some idea what kind of heck is this.

If you need more information about Puppy Linux log on to,


I am using puppy destroy called Macpup foxy now. It got all I need.

To download Macpup foxy now click the link below.

macpup foxy.iso

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Wish You A Happy New Year 2009

January 12, 2009 Leave a comment


All these time I couldn’t catch u guys coz we’d our campus vacation. Talking about new Linux news, u can get the latest Ubuntu 8.10 version (code name-Intrepid Ibex).
Apparently comparing with other Ubuntu versions in this they’v changed the CD cover &
Hopefully it should be awesome OS as there previous versions undoubtedly.
Canonical Ltd is the company which release this CD’s.
Just log onto  for further details.u can download this destroy free or u can receive a any amount of CD’s to ur door step by informing them.
They releasing new Ubuntu version after every 6 months. U guys  may remember I tld  about Ubuntu 8.04(Hardy Heron).For the 1st time they released a destroy in 2004 October(4.10).guess what their next destroy(9.04) will be named as ‘Jaunty Jackalope’. Impressive ha?

Living with Linux.

June 28, 2008 4 comments

Hi Guys, how yo doin? I think after long time, ha???

just because I’d my 1st semester Final Exam of B.Sc(Hons) in IT @ SLIIT. So I’ve been bit busy with that stuff.

Any how there’s a big news 4 all of you. I am into Linux. Open Source Operating System, which you get free of charge.cooooooooooool!!!!!! Isn’t it?

Initially I started with Fedora Core 8, a Debian based Linux Operating System, which have KDE 3.5 interface. This week I installed all new Linux Mint 5, which have Gnome Desktop. It’s really coooool guys. It’s with all new Fire Fox 3 Web Browser, and lots of stuff. You should try that guys, u’ll indeedly forget about Microsoft Windows.

You don’t wanna register yo copy like Windows. And guess what Linux is not afraid of Viruses and spam. No need of Virus Guards, Scanners. No Virus or spam can affect Open Source Software. What else you need more? Try your self, and let me know how ya feel, don’t worry if u got any problem of installing Linux or surfing Linux just mail me or leave mesg here.

We got Linux Gurus @ SLIIT. And if you need any assistance just log on to where you can learn all new FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) stuff. GOOD LUCK.