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Liberated Country. One Flag, One Nation!!!

June 11, 2009 1 comment

We conquered at last. The most dangerous terrorist organization in the world is defeated by the Sri Lankan troops. No more war.

The cruelest man/leader on the earth who invented the suicide bomber jacket is dead, Prabhakaran is no more. More than 100thousand people are under the safe hands of Sri Lankan forces. LTTE terrorist group is eradicated.

The true enthusiasm and dedication of the valiant soldiers lead to the victory.

Sri Lanka gained the true freedom. Next day will be full of hopes and expectations.

A dawn of a new era is leading the country to the peace and prosperity.

We should always remember our true heroes sacrificed their souls for this victory and who had been a victim of this destructive war.

Now we should work hard stopping this useless celebration stuff to develop our country as one nation.

May the peace be with us forever.

May triple gem bless my country, my nation.