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the bond


It’s strange the way it is,

Hoping for things happen the way we want,

This will never happen,

Though we wish it to be.

Starting with the promises,

I’ll be there forever…bullshit.

Knowing that the life is impermanent,

That we should run when the time comes.

Status “I am in a relationship”,

Then “It is complicated.”

Most end up with “I am single”,

That’s the truth which hurts.

We crave for things we like,

Want someone the way we like,

Whom we could never find,

Still we search…………….

Plot – There’s nothing in the world as the way you like. Bonds are not worth dying for. You’ll start searching soon enough…for something the way you like.

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Unchain me……..

September 4, 2011 2 comments




Do you like to be chained? To be deprived of walking or doing what you like? To be imprisoned in a cage?

None of us like to be chained. We all like to be free. To keep our hands and legs free so that we can move them. It’s really sad that some people don’t understand that animals too like that.  They think that animals are feeling less objects or perhaps they might like to torture them and make fun, without knowing the fact that they will undergo the same pain in the not so long future.

I believe if that animal is untamed or extremely dangerous unchained then it should be chained if only we need to keep it under humans, if not we should let them be free on their own place, free in the jungle.

Have you ever seen a face of a dog when it’s chained? Urging for freedom, pleading mercy….

I thought of writing about this because that I can’t unchain my own dog. My parents want it chained though it’s a cross breed of Pomeranian, which is a very friendly and lovable breed. They love to be with people, lie beside their master’s couch or bed. They are not like hounds, not much big and wild. I really soooo want him unchained, but I am helpless. I can’t go against my parents. Even they don’t want to give it away to someone who really loves the dog.

You might think I am crazy or a retard asking for dog’s rights. Yeah that’s me. I can’t stand for the cruelty to the animals. If you have a dog and if it’s tamed and not dangerous then leave it free. Give it the freedom. At least give it some enough space to live, without buying a small cage. If you don’t have space at your home, walk it to the street or town. Be with it and love it.  When I am with my dog I forget all the troubles I have. Though they can’t talk they still listen to us for what we have to say.

Make your dog your best friend; you won’t regret it……



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At last!!!

November 30, 2010 2 comments


Yes, at last I have completed my uni life, under-grad studies. Three years passed without knowing, time flies. Had nice time with new friends in new place, it was terrific. Gained lot of knowledge, experience and joy during this time. Gone through tough time doing assignments, projects with my batch mates. We shared win,loose,joy and sorrow together. Had many ups & downs, mis-understandings when working together. After all we are humans, they do make mistakes. None is perfect.


My life changed by the time, learned many things from friends. Best thing happened is getting to know Linux and starting to fell in love with it. Thank goes to my geek friends chanux and seejay. We did many great things to promote FOSS at uni and out side, feel really proud for those achievements and memories, those memories will never fade away.


Also I met a great friend, Nisal who guided me to light when I was wandering in dark. He showed me the truth, well it’s kinda long story which I am gonna crack you later. By the way my last post is related to that truth I found. 🙂


I have to admit that the uni is the place that get me into people, I couldn’t meet many people, friends at my school time. Here I met many friends came around the island with great blend of talents and skills. It was really tough, exams, presentations and all that, but I have to admit that I never quit entertainment (like watching movies. 😉 ). Any how managed to do it as well.


Well telling about something bad happened through this years is that I get addicted to FB. 😛 It doesn’t mean that been social media addict is that bad, but the FB? Damn, I am thinking how to deactivate it all the time, but I have no better option to keep in touch with my friends. Just watched “The social Network”. 😀 So thought of mentioning that here. But I am kinda in love with twitter.


Gotta tell you folks, who are willing to enter into uni, no matter what your field is you gotta give your best shot. But never loose your life, I mean you live as a human, without been an asshole running to be the first. Hope you got it. Help others to step ahead as best as you could, so you can put your step ahead. I used to encourage myself to catch up with daily work in my school days, never happened. Did same thing at uni, doing nothing in the beginning and studying the ass off when the exams get close. It’s quite fun though. 🙂


Gosh 3 years gone…and its all over. I made it at last, becoming a graduate. What’s next? That’s the question running in my mind these days…a job may be? Feel like I just stepped into real life and now start living…

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The illusions…………

My mind runs through various things,

many imaginations at once,

but there’s nothing I can use,

all are deep shit…try me.

Eyes seen hell of things and keep on,

many illusions in this artificial world,

well most of them are sweet,

ask me about the girls…..

Ears are filled with noises,

screaming, thunder, f**k you’s, love you’s,

never get rid of them until I become deaf,

sweets me or make me evil.

Your fragrance lifts me to heaven,

farts make me hard to breathe,

wearing ‘eau de toilette’ or ‘the toilet smell’,

it almost suffocates me to death.

Tell me Chinese are delicious,

+1…ain’t gonna doubt on that,

well…it makes your tongue divine,

and your entire body a hell soon.

You fill up my senses on bed,

so sorry I was drunk unconscious,

btw I am glad that it happened so,

rather dying as a virgin.

Well….you achieved all your dreams,

optical illusions in this world,

tell me are you done???

you’ve got all you want as you want???

I bet you not…………………………

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A return from Death…….

December 14, 2009 2 comments

yes I caught with dengue for last week and I was in hospital for 5 days. Which is a strange week in my life, Lot of ups and downs in a row.

Well, this is not the 1st time I felt that “the life is not a bed of roses”, though it’s been awhile since I felt that before.

I got the news that I passed my semester final exam when I am in hospital. This was the 1st time I’ve been hospitalized. So it was a quite hard experience. Well I thought this might be my final destination, as I mentioned about it in my last post. But it’s not, for my goodness.

Anyway I feel that I returned from death, since Dengue is a deathly viral fever. But fortunately I was found in the early stage of the fever and I didn’t got any dangerous symptoms.

Thanks to the hospital staff and my parents, relations great care I recovered so fast.

After all it was a so close. And I am happy that I am back with my loved ones. And that I can serve the world some more time.

Thanks to all the fellows who wished me through twitter, facebook and who came to see me all the way to my home.