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She, who cares what I am now…………..

She brought us to this world, make our eyes open to see the splendor of the world.

She suffered 9 months carrying us in her stomach caring her best for our safety.

She faced the most painful physical harassment in the earth to give us birth.

She turned her blood to milk from her unconditional love, to feed us without considering about her breast, as breast feeding cause her physical condition go bad.

We couldn’t control our own body, we couldn’t even stand by on our own feet.

How many times we might have peed on her body?

How many time she might had to stop her meals to clean our solid waste?

But she never blamed us.

Now we have grown up, we can stand by on our own feet, even we can control whole world if we need.

But what happened to her now? She, who cared us every time whatever it takes?

The person who always forgiven us whatever we have done?

The person who never left our side when we need her?

But what we’ve done for her?

What we hear in this world now? That some people have murdered their own mother, some thrown her to the streets and some push her to Elderly homes.

Is this how people gratitude for the milk they sucked from her breasts until they hang over her chest? This is a critical situation guys.

Why we can’t give her the happiness she really need, the freedom she want, the care she urge from her wrinkled eyes?

She won’t stand long in this world, she’ll leave us soon as she is done already.

We only need to care her and show kindness until she burry under the grave.

Because of her only we still stand by on our own feet on the earth and she made us what we are now.

She’d shown us the correct path, advised us like a friend, hold our hand until we climb the ladder of life.

Whatever she said or done she brought us to this world and that’s almost enough.

Never make her alone and never leave her side. Be with her.

She’ll lead your future until she close her eyes forever.

I’ve not felt anything comfortable like her tenderly love, on this earth.

Now she’ll come & shout at me saying “ane ane…what are you doing without studying for the exam. Ha?” keeping her hands on her waist. So I’ll stop for now.

Good luck guys. Feel her love.

May she live longer than I do……………….

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