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Ever seen a new born baby green woodpecker?

June 10, 2010 6 comments
baby green woodpecker

baby green woodpecker

You might have a doubt whether this is a green woodpecker. Yes it really is. I remember a cartoon I used to watch in my small days, when I saw this bird. Hope you guys know it. The “woody woodpecker”.  I have posted few photos of green woodpecker building its home recently on Flickr.

Few days ago I heard a bird scream inside that cage. So I thought of checking what’s going on there. I just climb up the tree to see this cuddly baby woody.

Since the mother/father woodpecker was really upset of my sudden approach it flew away. But I saw it watching me from near by tree. So I thought of not watching the baby bird again. I was curious to see the baby bird. Mother or Father Woodpecker always stays in the cage with the baby. They both never leave the baby alone, since they have threat from random snakes.

I saw a snake trying to climb the tree one day. Mother/father woodpecker was staring at the snake all the time keeping its head out of the cage. There is a lot to learn from these birds, since some human mothers left their children on street right after giving them birth.

And this is a great example of mothers love, whether it’s human or inhuman.

I was thinking what the hell that mother/father woodpecker was doing all day long inside that small room with the baby. Then I realized that’s the protection and love towards the baby which keeps it home. Nature is simply amazing. We have hell of things to learn from these creatures of the nature.

I wish this kind of thing would never happen to my baby woodpecker.

Love your environment. It’ll love you back….. 🙂

baby woodpecker sleeping...

baby woodpecker sleeping....

***The real name of this bird is “Brown Headed Barbet”. Not green woodpecker. Thanks to Barbet who correct me 🙂

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