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The Day Mother Lanka will stay still….not much longer. ::What should we do if Prabha captured alive?

The destructive war which’d killed more than 25000 SL heroes from 1983 is going to over. After many decades we are going to feel the pleasure of true freedom.

Even at the time you read this our heroes are fighting against the cruel LTTE, who’d destroyed the hopes and lives of innocent Tamil people giving virtual reality of Tamil Elam to their brains. It no longer exists. Prabhakaran, the leader of the LTTE terrorist group had intention only to create rational segregation. It was his dream which didn’t came true, because of the commitment we’d with Tamil people from the early years.

They’d been brain washed by the selfish racist basterd.

Eventually they’ve realized that their dream of Elam is no longer exist and Prabha only care about his personnel comfort. They came to the safe hands of the SL forces.

Truly SL forces doing great humanitarian mission in order to release the innocent people from LTTE and make them feel their true freedom.

Mean time we can see the foreign countries trying to involve in this in order to release Prabha. The LTTE supporters (rather terrorist members) living in foreign countries like UK and US are annoyed and been aggressive, removing their masks they’d been wearing to pretend that they are not Tigers (Tiger is the symbol of LTTE terrorist group.) having two legs. They are now trying to trouble Sinhalese people living there, who was their fellows earlier.

But why they doing this?

We all are one nation. We all have same blood running in our veins. We all breathe same air. We all are children of our mother Lanka. Why they can’t see the way our troops treating their fellows, their relatives, who’d been hurt and whose family members’d been killed by the cruel LTTE.

I’ve never seen such a humanitarian mission in the history of world war. The day is not much longer, the day our true heroes capture Prabha dead or alive. But he may survive some where out from SL, ran away in the fear of death. But his death is near where ever he lives, because he cause death to thousands of innocent Tamil people giving them bad impression about Sinhala people and about Sri Lanka. He’d given*synide to the pure hands of innocent Tamil students instead of giving books.

How many Tamil graduates’d been passed out from Jaffna University before 1983?

But instead of stethoscope or pen Prabha’d given weapons to their arms. How much harm he’d done to the Tamil nation and mother Lanka?

So what shall we do to him incase if he captured alive?


Should we kill him right after captured?

Should we arrest him and keep imprisoned till death?

Or make him suffer until death?

Or hang him in front of general public?



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