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Does Sri Lankan tortoise have place to live???

Recently a baby tortoise came to our garden on a rainy day. Yes I took a photograph of it to show you guys. I gave it a name, “Jumbi”. What you think about the name? Yes I really wanted to keep it with me, but my parents didn’t allow me. My bad luck.  😦

Since there were many canals in our area there were so many of them living peacefully. But recently most of the canals were used for new housing schemes and the rest are almost contaminated as they are used as dump. This is a disaster. Not only tortoise, most of the indigenous species lived in those watery environments were destroyed, specially fishes and amphibious species.

Now tortoise don’t have place to live. They keep wandering allover on rainy days. And it’s sad to hear that people kill this innocent reptile for meat. Yes you read correct, for meat. Most of the people think that they get strong by tortoise meat. How foolish this people???

Ever saw a tortoise gone flat on a road??? Well I have seen many times in our area.

Mostly on rainy days they come out from their hidden places and wander every where. And vehicles run over them. It’s sad to see dead on the road. Well what can I do to stop them dying?  I can’t at least keep one as a pet. Can I stop people build houses over this reptile’s living space?

I can do one thing. Keep watching……

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