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Are we in the right track? Do we walk blind?

It has been 2599 years since Lord Buddha’s parinibbana (death). Tomorrow is Wesak full moon poya day, from which start the year of 2599. Next year will be the 2600th year. It makes really sad when it seems that we all heading to the darkness again. Far beyond the light that Lord Buddha taught before 2600years ago. But yet we are not totally screwed up, the worst is yet to come. We all loosing the fact that everything on this earth is not the way we like it. Though we crave for something, though our immense desire will get what we want, one day we’ll feel a hole in it. We might feel this is not enough or that’s not what we really want.

Buddhism is not taught as a religion. It’s a philosophy, rather it’s the conventional truth that none can ever break. If you think I am bulshitting let me know if any scientist ever proves a teaching of Lord Buddha is wrong.  People think Buddhism has many laws to follow and it’s a mess. Buddhism gives the freedom to choose, not by force. But from your own. People think that they are Buddhists since their parents are called as Buddhists, and they put label on themselves as Buddhists. A Buddhist is not the person who tell he is, but the one who believes that every effect has a cause. Though your parents are not Buddhists and if you believe in that, you are a Buddhist.

What we hear now as dhamma is mostly modified or corrupted. Since most of us are not willing to believe what we know is false, no one will consider. But what we need to do is use dhamma practically and reveals ourselves what is the truth. We don’t want to follow or believe anyone but our own practice.

The real anapanasathi meditation technique.

The real anapanasathi is not just breathing conscious. As the Lord Buddha’s dhamma it is, knowing when ever we get desire (raga), anger (dwesha) and dumbness/blindness (moha). Catching relevant imagination is called getting breath in, which means understand the bad effect of sticking to those feelings and good effect of getting rid of those. And getting rid of these feelings is called breath out. Well you might not believe me now, since I just made a change to the traditional anapanasathi meditation method that you used to know.

Lord Buddha told us not to believe what we hear, but to know the truth through practice. If u still doubt, let me know the result you gain by just breathing in and out conscious? I must admit that it really makes your mind relaxed and so calm, no doubt on that. But that’s not what we really need. We need to get rid of this loop, the repetition, the life cycle. But why??? Why we should end this life? Am I nuts?? Leave this beautiful world?? This amazing life?? Yeah why should we??

Yes you are correct. This world and life we live is so damn beautiful, amazing, and fabulous. But let me know what we get after all? Eventually we all die. Death doesn’t count weather you’re the president or you’re the most powerful human on earth. Do we take any gatherings we had in our life when we die? Money? Educational certificates? Potential? Beauty or properties? What really matters is what we do and what our attitude is. Nothing else matters.

A way to go my friends. Wish you all success in finding the light……….

By sermons from Venerable Waharaka Abayarathanalankara thero. (Information is only available in sinhala)


Morons and the superstition…

December 2, 2009 9 comments

Sometimes I feel really bad for people who talk about things that they really not heard of. They are called morons. As I remember its been a while after I met my 1st moron in blogging who called her as Rehani girl, now who even blocked putting comments on her blog, really tell me what is the use of keeping a blog that don’t allow comments? Kind of weird.

Usually I don’t like to comment or argue with morons. But you know some times I feel odd for not replying them, then at next moment after replying I feel I was stupid.

Some one trying to be a feminist talking about woman rights. Well it’s not stupid as far as that person who called him self a terrorist don’t mention religious sarcasm.

(*click on the above link only if you can read sinhala, because that post is in sinhala.)

Buddhists around the world, reply me to this. He’s asking why Buddha told that women can’t attain Nirvana. But he’s loosing the fact that women can get rid of the life cycle even attain arahath. And well he’s not aware of the fact that no one can attain Nibbana within a single birth. It’s a result of long term process called“paramitha”. So if some one have completed attain the essential “paramitha” his/her next birth will be a male birth.

So that he can attain Nirvana in that birth.

He’s claiming to Buddhists that they don’t respect women’s . And Buddhists underestimate other religions saying they don’t respect women. It’s not like that. Buddhism is not just a Dhamma or a Religion. It’s a philosophy, the conventional truth of the world.

I feel so sad of those morons who trying to underestimate Buddha’s teachings, since even scientists couldn’t prove that it’s fake what Buddha taught.

Regardless of the fact that I am a Buddhist, I am a believer in Buddhism since it’s the truth. Even thousands of people do. Buddha taught not to believe his teachings if you found it impractical, so he taught us to research and find the truth. Well he did taught about the society, about the present society and about the future too.

It’s not necessary that you should be a Buddhist to believe Buddhism. Buddha taught that his teachings are the path to success, to stop the life cycle, the unstoppable pain and sufferings we undergo.

But of course any one can choose the path to hell cause there are two kinds of people in this world, simple as this..

who deserved the heaven and who deserved the hell. 😀

Really why do people talk about things that they not aware of? Even they don’t like to read, research and know about the things they don’t know.

*can’t read sinhala? Get the unicode here.

The Conventional Truth……………………..

Do you ever thought that we gonna leave this world one day? This laughter, celebrations, sufferings will come to an end one day? We don’t know when it’ll be, today, tomorrow, next month? That can happen at anytime, whenever, where ever we are.

No one can change the fate, our destiny. Did you watch the movie “Premonition”? Even the lady saw the future that her husband will die, she couldn’t save him.

Nothing is permanent in this world, whatever we got with us, who ever we are meant to be, we all gonna face that unconditional truth of the world. How much we earned, how much we get promoted we all gonna lay down under a grave one day. We not gonna take any single coin or note ($) with us when we leave.

All we take is what we’ve done in our life time. The good and bad deeds we performed. The way we live is what really matters. It’s not where or how long we live.

We do all the cravings and bullshit just for this small life time, but what we really gained? HAPPINESS?

Do we really satisfy about what we got now? HELL NO!!!

But do you think even if we get 10 or more times wealthy than present we’ll be satisfied? Again NO.

Just because we crave for things and we crave for life.

Why should we crave for all things if we gonna die one day? If we gonna leave them one day? No one is immortal in this world. We all leading a meaning less journey. The best way to lead a meaning full life is to help people when ever we can without pulling their legs when they trying to climb the ladder of life.

That’s how we can gain true happiness, leading honest and simple life.

Help the people who really need your help. At least you can save innocent lives of animals.

Love the environment. It’ll protect you.

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