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Why do people make viruses???

October 26, 2009 3 comments

It’s a virus. Again?? WTF!!! Even when I am running a very advanced up to date virus guard??

I have no idea why do people bother to waste their time to develop a harmful virus to all the human kind. Which effect to computers and mess up all the useful applications we run and corrupt all our valuable data.

What kind of mentality might they have?

Troubling another human being using some crappy shit they made?

Is this what we call evolution of globalization and technology?

Even though what they gain developing a fucking virus??

May be there are people who getting paid for developing viruses. So that they get encouraged to do some big shit.

Why they can’t use their knowledge to develop some valuable software instead making viruses? So that all the human raise getting advantage of it.

What really matters here is attitude. While some people invent new valuable technologies and software, some others invent viruses to mess up that software.

When the world is heading towards the era of technology the attitudes of people getting change. They look for money rather than human qualities. They try to trouble other people instead of helping them.

Why can’t we all get together and build a world where there are no viruses.

Though we can make a brighter world using the technology wisely without using it just for the sake of using it…

NOTE- we can use Linux instead of Windows if we don’t need this kind of mess…..

For an alternative Choose Linux. Use FOSS…

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