Verses by me

The illusions…………

My mind runs through various things,

many imaginations at once,

but there’s nothing I can use,

all are deep shit…try me.

Eyes seen hell of things and keep on,

many illusions in this artificial world,

well most of them are sweet,

ask me about the girls…..

Ears are filled with noises,

screaming, thunder, f**k you’s, love you’s,

never get rid of them until I become deaf,

sweets me or make me evil.

Your fragrance lifts me to heaven,

farts make me hard to breathe,

wearing ‘eau de toilette’ or ‘the toilet smell’,

it almost suffocates me to death.

Tell me Chinese are delicious,

+1…ain’t gonna doubt on that,

well…it makes your tongue divine,

and your entire body a hell soon.

You fill up my senses on bed,

so sorry I was drunk unconscious,

btw I am glad that it happened so,

rather dying as a virgin.

Well….you achieved all your dreams,

optical illusions in this world,

tell me are you done???

you’ve got all you want as you want???

I bet you not…………………………

Broken Heart

my heart is weeping,

eyes are crying dropping tears,

which wet my dried lips.

But why does it hurts much?

I care you more than anything,

more than anyone in this world.

But why you say I don’t?

Why you don’t see the pain,

which I am going through?

When I remind our past,

the sweet memories we were together,

my aching heart bleeds,

till the last drop,

till the last breathe.

Though those memories may sweet me,

until that day comes.

How can this heart find a another room?

Since its all rooms are filled with your memories.

Though I’ll wait,

until you find the forgotten key

to my heart…..

Warriors and Saviors…….

The sun shines brightly to the hot sand,

the heavy rain drops hit hard on the wounds,

but they never get a rest,

in order to protect us from danger.

They shed their blood in the battles,

they sacrificed their lives for the country,

they fought until the death,

till they get peace to the nation.

When they heard a fire of guns,

they never run back for life,

they face the brutal terrorists,

and got shot on chest never from back.

The brave lions never fell apart,

when their fellows in danger,

they fought for innocent civilians,

who’d taken to brutal custody.

Mother Lanka is proud about her brave sons,

who dedicated their souls for her sake,

may triple gem protects our heroes,

may all good soldiers go to heaven.

* Dedicated to our national heroes.

Forbidden Flower

Its fragrance is awesome,

Feels like no flower can surpass.

Even the splendor,

With its enchanting color,

attractive indeed.

No one can disregard the beauty.

How strange the world is,

It’s called the ‘beauty and the beast’.

But why?

Only very few knows the reason.

So the inexperienced will be trapped,

Cause of its wildness.

It can hurt any one so far,

that’s how nature reacts.

Its conventional truth,

love no longer depends on beauty.

This verse has been published in the Sunday Observer Magazine, Teen thoughts page on July 30, 2006

Dear Sis

I see your wonderful face in the morning,

and in the evening when you play.

What I noticed is your twinkling face,

a bright star in the night sky.

You are like a small swan princess,

I don’t mind if you do rubbish to vex me,

because I like to see your pretty face,

when you worry me,

you seem guilty sometimes.

I can’t bare,

when your lustrous eyes fill wit tears.

So my cute little princes,

I would like to see you smiling.

Keep smiling,

I’ll be with you forever.

This verse has been published in the Sunday Observer Magazine, Teen thoughts page on July 26, 2005

Love Springs.

From the very moment I saw you,

You took my heart away,

As no one can ever fill me,

Until I die in your arms.

Your glittering bright eyes,

Enchanted my whole life.

Your lustrous glance,

Wrapped my heart so deep.

From the morning to dusk,

Until the serene twilight,

I was waiting till I see your face,

because I always miss you lot.

When you sitting by my side,

I feel I am cherished,

When you hold me so tide,

I feel like divine.

Baby hold me so tide,

So that no one can get me,

Until my body lie in the grave.

I’ll never gonna leave your side.

To my darling sweetheart

With love.


Love is sacred when,

It’s filled with honesty.

Love is awful when,

It’s filled with vanity.

Love is lovable,

When it’s outspoken.

Love is risky,

When it’s overdone.

Love is expressive,

When we are isolated.

Love is lustful,

When it comes to desire

Love is divine,

When it’s true.

What is this LOVE?


With Love.

I feel

Feel like a star without the moon,

feel like a soul without a name,

feel like a car without a Tire,

feel like a bird without its wings,

when you are not by my side.

I feel nothing,

my barren mind without thoughts,

still think about your pretty eyes,

which grabs my soul..

Your feminine reticence,

which make me completely mad,

your luscious voice,

which always chilled my ears,

your divine complexion,

which attracts my humble eyes.

Oh baby, I’m madly in love with you.

Please believe me.

The Secret

When the sun rises,

I waited at the window,

looking through the window,

to see your lovely face.

My eyes are busy,

searching for your eyes,

my mouth was whispering,

and my mind was thinking,

how can I tell you the secret.

How sad,

my eyes are week,

perhaps I couldn’t find you,

among the flower beds.

Because you are like a bloom,

so it doesn’t matter,

I will be there for ever,

waiting for you…..

This verse has been published in the Sunday Observer Magazine, Teen thoughts page on May 8, 2005

The Buddha’s attitude

When the Buddha taught,

the truth of the world,

that no one can reject,

that anyone can accept,

there were so many superstitious beliefs,

among the people ,

which were rooted in there minds.

Lord Buddha taught us the,

conventional truth of the world,

and to reject all false beliefs,

Lord Buddha illustrates,

the human brain power,

which can do anything.

He taught us the correct path,

for a spiritual life.

He taught us that ,

anger or hatred cannot be,

dispelled by anger.

And the bad results of both,

expressing and depressing anger.

The most important thing is that we should be patient

and we should do as the Buddha taught us.

This verse has been published in the Sunday Observer Magazine, Teen thoughts page on July 25, 2004

  1. kith
    September 14, 2008 at 7:53 am

    ha…ha…u guys have gn crazy…..

  2. March 2, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    Hey Mahesh,
    ur verses r superb. I like them all. u are very talented guy.
    Keep up the Spirit 4ever.

    Good Luck!


  3. April 25, 2009 at 9:23 pm

    ur verses r great!I’m really happy and proud of u Mahesh. I wish u good luck to improve ur superb talent. Need to read mo poems of urs.

    Small Request:- Please add mo of ur lovely poems soon as possible.I’m waiting.

    Thank u,

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