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Living with Linux.

June 28, 2008 4 comments

Hi Guys, how yo doin? I think after long time, ha???

just because I’d my 1st semester Final Exam of B.Sc(Hons) in IT @ SLIIT. So I’ve been bit busy with that stuff.

Any how there’s a big news 4 all of you. I am into Linux. Open Source Operating System, which you get free of charge.cooooooooooool!!!!!! Isn’t it?

Initially I started with Fedora Core 8, a Debian based Linux Operating System, which have KDE 3.5 interface. This week I installed all new Linux Mint 5, which have Gnome Desktop. It’s really coooool guys. It’s with all new Fire Fox 3 Web Browser, and lots of stuff. You should try that guys, u’ll indeedly forget about Microsoft Windows.

You don’t wanna register yo copy like Windows. And guess what Linux is not afraid of Viruses and spam. No need of Virus Guards, Scanners. No Virus or spam can affect Open Source Software. What else you need more? Try your self, and let me know how ya feel, don’t worry if u got any problem of installing Linux or surfing Linux just mail me or leave mesg here.

We got Linux Gurus @ SLIIT. And if you need any assistance just log on to where you can learn all new FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) stuff. GOOD LUCK.