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Morons and the superstition…

December 2, 2009 9 comments

Sometimes I feel really bad for people who talk about things that they really not heard of. They are called morons. As I remember its been a while after I met my 1st moron in blogging who called her as Rehani girl, now who even blocked putting comments on her blog, really tell me what is the use of keeping a blog that don’t allow comments? Kind of weird.

Usually I don’t like to comment or argue with morons. But you know some times I feel odd for not replying them, then at next moment after replying I feel I was stupid.

Some one trying to be a feminist talking about woman rights. Well it’s not stupid as far as that person who called him self a terrorist don’t mention religious sarcasm.

(*click on the above link only if you can read sinhala, because that post is in sinhala.)

Buddhists around the world, reply me to this. He’s asking why Buddha told that women can’t attain Nirvana. But he’s loosing the fact that women can get rid of the life cycle even attain arahath. And well he’s not aware of the fact that no one can attain Nibbana within a single birth. It’s a result of long term process called“paramitha”. So if some one have completed attain the essential “paramitha” his/her next birth will be a male birth.

So that he can attain Nirvana in that birth.

He’s claiming to Buddhists that they don’t respect women’s . And Buddhists underestimate other religions saying they don’t respect women. It’s not like that. Buddhism is not just a Dhamma or a Religion. It’s a philosophy, the conventional truth of the world.

I feel so sad of those morons who trying to underestimate Buddha’s teachings, since even scientists couldn’t prove that it’s fake what Buddha taught.

Regardless of the fact that I am a Buddhist, I am a believer in Buddhism since it’s the truth. Even thousands of people do. Buddha taught not to believe his teachings if you found it impractical, so he taught us to research and find the truth. Well he did taught about the society, about the present society and about the future too.

It’s not necessary that you should be a Buddhist to believe Buddhism. Buddha taught that his teachings are the path to success, to stop the life cycle, the unstoppable pain and sufferings we undergo.

But of course any one can choose the path to hell cause there are two kinds of people in this world, simple as this..

who deserved the heaven and who deserved the hell. 😀

Really why do people talk about things that they not aware of? Even they don’t like to read, research and know about the things they don’t know.

*can’t read sinhala? Get the unicode here.