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November 28, 2009 Leave a comment



It is amazing. I see dreams at some nights. But mostly I can’t remember them when I get up next day morning. Some remain unsolved in my memory.

Some of them kind of weird.

But suddenly I get the question why?


Why do we see dreams? Even so weird that some are not even close to our life, our activities. So strange…..


May be they have some meaningMay be they are connected to our last birth. Well I don’t know exactly.

Sometimes I see people I know in dreams, there’s a folk story telling that seeing some person we know in dream is not good for us, I mean to the person who see the dream.

I don’t know whether it’s true or not. Anyway I don’t believe in them.


Telling you really frankly I am not afraid of dreams. But I remember I awake in the middle of night few times after I saw dream. Unfortunately I can’t remember them.

Anyway I never fell down from my bed 😀


The most weird part is that when I awake in middle of a dream and sleep again, I again see the other part of the same dream. I don’t know how it happens. But believe me fellows it really happens


Hope you know about Lucid dreaming.

Kind of strange thing. Some times we do act as what we see in dreams, though we are sleeping. May be you experienced that by hitting your partner on bed while sleep, thinking that he/she is the thief that you saw in dream. 😀

Read more about Lucid dreaming.


Regardless of how scary and strange it’s still we can have fun and laugh sharing our dreams with friends.

So better share them with some you love to do so if you remember them after you wakeup…..

It’ll be fun.

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